Ready to Lift Your Instagram Game? 
If I had a dollar for every business that told me that Instagram isn't working for them - that they are frustrated, not seeing results and/or don't have the time for it - I'd be sipping Pina Coladas on a yacht in the Carribean right now!

Here's the thing. Instagram is not about a sales pitch and a buy now button. It’s about starting conversations, developing relationships and consistently delivering value over time - whether that's by educating, entertaining, motivating and/or inspiring your audience.

So. how do you actually DO that? What steps do you need to take? Where do you even START?

Well, that’s what this challenge is for! Every two days for 10 days, we’ll complete a new challenge to help your business start nailing your Instagram efforts. I am going to give you the top five things you need to start doing on Insta in order to start making it work for your business. And when I say WORK, I mean drive engagementfollowers and yes, if you keep at it consistently over time, LEADS and SALES.

Lesson One | Content Themes
What you'll learn:

You know those first nine little squares at the top of your Instagram feed? Well, they’re the FIRST thing that people see when they hit your site. They paint an immediate picture of what you and your biz is all about. What does it tell them?

On day one, I’ll give you a formula for painting the right picture. You” walk away with a plan that tell you exactly what you need to be posting, with content themes that are specifically designed to build your brand and get you on the path to leads and sales.

Lesson Two | Captions that Convert
What you'll learn:

Instagram might be known for pretty pictures (and yes, good quality + original imagery IS important), but there’s so much gold in crafting killer captions.

In lesson two, you’ll learn how to craft captions that tell stories and build familiarity and trust with your followers. You’ll also get a three part checklist to use for crafting your own social media caption to post on your Insta – one designed to connect and to convert.

Lesson Three | All About Engagement
What you'll learn:

That pesky Instagram algorithm means that engagement is *so* damn important if you want your followers to see your posts.

I'll show you how to use different engagement tactics to get potential clients both interacting with you account, and taking action off Instagram to get you closer to a lead or sale. Best of all? I'll show you how to do it in a natural and authentic way.

Lesson Four | #Hashtags
What you'll learn:

There’s only a few ways that your potential clients can find you on Instagram, and one of those is hashtags.

On day four, we’ll dive into hashtag strategy and show you what you need to be doing in order to start attracting the right people. Follow/unfollowers will be a thing of the past!

Lesson Five | Socialising
What you'll learn:

It’s called social media for a reason. Developing relationships and creating connection is so important, because ultimately? People do business with people – ones they know, like and trust!

On day 5, we’ll tell the ONE thing you need to post in order to start developing relationships, and we’ll wrap by by inviting you all to start socialising with each other using the official Insta Challenge hashtag!

Meet Your Teacher
Stevie is a social media marketing nerd and the Head Honcho at Stevie Says Social, an online education community for small business. 

She's also the host of the Stevie Says Social Podcast, which debuted at no. 2 on the iTunes Business Charts under Tim Ferriss and has since been downloaded more than 250,000 times.

Stevie has been featured in Social Media Examiner, Business Chicks, League of Extraordinary Women and SmartCompany, where she has written extensively on all things social media. 

She lives by the beach on the sunny Gold Coast, Australia. 
So, what are you waiting for? Ready to start using social to drive leads and sales? Ready to spend less time getting more results? Well, stop reading already! Sign up and take action now!
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